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12 Tips Before Leaving For The Holidays December 15, 2017

Are you planning on visiting family out of town or going south for the Holidays? Before taking off there is always so much to do. It can be overwhelming to keep track of everyone and everything! To help keep things on track and run a little smoother leading up to your departure, we have created some tips you can use as a checklist.

1. Put mail on hold – A stuffed mailbox or newspapers at the end of your driveway screams “no one is home!” Thieves can also sort through your personal mail..recipe for disaster

2. Put lights on a timer – This will make it look like someone is home. If you can, switch your outside lights to a “motion activated” setting

3. Check batteries – Make sure the batteries in your smoke alarms are fresh and make sure they function

4. Remove valuables – When you’re not home it gives thieves more time to look through your things. If you can, place jewelry and other valuables in a safety deposit box or home safe

5. Grab your spare key – If you are like the rest of us, you probably have a spare key hidden outside somewhere incase you get locked out of the house by accident (happens to me all the time). This time, don’t leave the spare key outside. Bring it inside, or give it to your trusty neighbour with your contact information if they need to get ahold of you

6. Unplug – Your electronics suck energy, so unplug what you can while you’re away to save on unnecessary charges. Also, they can be a fire hazard

7. Don’t advertise your trip online – Nowadays it is common to see your Facebook or Instagram friends post that they are taking a trip, or the countdown until they head out of town. It’s just so hard to keep it in when you’re that excited! I recommend telling your friends and family in person or via phone call, at least until you get back. Social media is a very public place to let strangers know you won’t be home

8. Switch your water heater to “vacation mode” – It won’t turn off your water heater completely, but it will save energy while you’re away

9. Lower your thermostat – Keep it warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing, but turning it down will save you money while you’re not home

10. Deodorize the sink – Run it with half a cup of vinegar, or lemon peels and ice cubes, before you leave. This will keep it smelling fresh and avoid returning to a stench from kitchen disposal that belches up. It is also a good idea to rid of any food that will go bad while you’re away and take out any trash

11. Bleach the bowl – Dump half a cup of chlorine bleach into your toilet bowl to prevent mineral stains from developing

12. Pay your bills – This way you don’t have to worry about any outstanding bill payments when you get home

Thanks for reading the Friday Forecast and enjoy your weekend!

The Joelson Team

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