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Life With Pets February 2, 2018

Good Morning all! If you’ve been looking for simple solutions for your furry friends bad habits and floors full of hair, I have got some answers for you!


Shedding – Constantly following your pet around with a vacuum cleaner? Natural shampoos hep to release your pet’s undercoat which is where most of the shedding comes from. Brushing your pet helps shedding as the fur is collected in the brush instead of your floors! The best way to clean hardwood floors is to use a dust mop instead of a vacuum. Sprinkling baking soda over the carpet before vacuuming can help to loosen hair.


Chewing – The best way to protect your home and your pet is to baby proof your home. Puppies can be just like babies with all of their energy and can get into anything. Chewing on electrical cords is a huge problem. Having your cords in a containment can be preventative from any issues occurring. Getting into cupboards is another problem. Putting safety locks on your cabinets will keep those little paws out of there. Chewed up shoes, furniture and anything else is a super common one. Purchase your pet a chew toy so their teeth are occupied on something that doesn’t destroy your home.


Scratching – Try to keep claws short to avoid deep scratches in those beautiful hardwoods. Too late? Vacuum the floor to remove dirt then spray the area with a cleaner and use a microfibre cleaning pad to scrub the scratches. After, apply an oil refresher (depending on your floors). If the scratches are still visible, sand the area with very fine sandpaper and then apply oil.

Please comment with any pet hacks you have, we would love some more tips!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Joelson Team

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