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  • Kevin Joelson
  • Alexis Lubimiv
  • Ben Weissmann

We love our clients!! We have 13+ years of combined experience and 450+ homes sold in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our professional and quality marketing systems have been a huge contribution to our success in helping our clients buy and sell their homes at the best prices. We focus on building connections and we are there for our clients at all times making the process go smoothly.

As a team, we work together to successfully:

  • Show properties
  • Market and sell listings
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Communicate effectively with potential buyers, clients and other Realtors®
  • Follow up on all showings
  • Keep our website current and up to date to attract prospects
  • Learn and adopt new technologies
  • Stay current with social media
  • Learn and stay informed of the constant changes in our profession
  • Stay in touch with our clients and exceed their expectations every time

Having The Joelson Team on your side guarantees our clients a VIP experience. The way we look at it is why hire 1 Realtor® when you can hire a team for the same price?! 3 is better than 1, wouldn’t you agree?

To learn more about who we are, click ‘about us’. Thanks for reading the Friday Forecast!

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